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About our Company

Who are we?

Our team is composed of highly skilled Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) and reputable entrepreneurs who have been visible in making a positive impact in the community for several years now. With our dedication to helping families and individuals, we can surely meet our clients’ immigration needs – either on a permanent or temporary basis and wherever they choose to reside in Canada.

As a reputable company with knowledge and experience in the field of immigration and consulting, we are here to assist our clients begin their journey for a better life in Canada. We guide our clients in completing all immigration requirements and visa applications for Canada from beginning to end; this includes orienting and educating our clients once in Canada.

Taralets Canada Immigration Consulting Inc. will assist its clients to the best of its ability to make their Canadian dreams a reality!

Our Team

Bernard Garcia

Bernard Garcia

Chief Executive Officer

Bernard’s family has been in the business world for over 40 years. He was exposed at a young age in the business industry, leading large groups of individuals in different types of businesses like hospitals, clinics, and general goods. 
For over 10 years, Bernard has been a noteworthy leader in the healthcare staffing space. Bernard has established his own company’s reputation by building good relationships with other large health care agencies such as Switch Health, Voyago, Health, and various retirement homes, and long-term care facilities.
He is currently managing a successful company that drives an exceptional staff of more than 500. Under his leadership, he is able to quickly get partnerships with several client institutions in a short period of time, while maintaining the quality of the services provided.
Von Canton

Von Canton

Chief Marketing Officer

Von Canton is a Filipino Canadian entrepreneur and has become successful in many different fields. He is a veteran Broadcaster, a Digital Marketing Strategist, Project Manager, Community Builder, and most of all a leader and visionary.

He has a strong background in advertising, marketing, events, and Radio/TV broadcasting for over 20 years. He studied Digital Marketing Management at the University of Toronto, Canada. He is also an accomplished Pharmacist and a business owner.

To date, he owns five digital radio stations and a TV station on the digital space called MCBN Media Group. He is also running different festivals all over Canada during summer. As part of its social corporate responsibility, he is leading the way to raise more funds for MCBN Foundation Canada to support their existing programs, such as, Feed the Hungry, Humanitarian Support, and Student Scholarships by partnering with many organizations and the private sector. As a successful immigrant in Canada, he is very passionate to help bring more Filipinos and their families to settle and live in Canada.

Tracy Pamon, RCIC

Tracy Pamon, RCIC

Chief Operating Officer Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant Member No. R710079

Tracy Anne Sanchez Pamon, an International Educated Nurse, an entrepreneur, and in good standing with the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC) as a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC). She is also a proud Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC) member.

 Being in the healthcare field for several years, her passion for making a positive impact on other people’s lives, and their families have become her motivation to help individuals and their loved ones in a different aspect. As Canada offers free but quality health services, she wanted her fellowmen back home to access this without any financial barrier. She has seen firsthand how this approach promotes and restores the physical and psychological well-being of residents of Canada. She firmly believes that “The greatest wealth is health.”

Her innate sense of care, sympathy, and compassion led her to achieve her dream job as an Immigration Consultant.

As an immigrant to Canada, she knows how overwhelming the immigration process is and the struggle and challenges one faces to acquire a visa. With her expertise, empathy, and compassion, rest assured that clients will obtain excellent and quality service towards making their Canadian dream into reality.


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